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Global Village Academy

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Global Village Academy
COMMERCIAL | December 2010
Aurora, Colorado 

Global Village Academy is a public charter school that focuses on language skills. The school offers kindergarten to its members at no cost to the parents. Students can choose from Spanish, French, and Chinese. The focus is on language immersion, this way students learn fluency as well. Middle school students are each given their own laptop to use throughout their classes. The Global Village Academy project consists of a single building with 3 distinct sections: a classroom wing, an annex, and a cafeteria.  The areas range from one to two stories with no space below grade.  All of the areas are framed with steel roofs, composite steel floors above grade, tilt-up concrete exterior walls, and a structural slab at grade.  The classroom wing is the largest section and the only section that consists of two stories.  This section of the building only contains classrooms and restrooms on both levels.  The annex is a single-story section with specialty classrooms, offices, and other support rooms.  It connects the classroom wing with the cafeteria section.  The cafeteria section has a large multipurpose area, a kitchen and a music classroom.  This cafeteria section consists of a single tall story. The building footprint is approximately 280’-0” in the East-West direction by 72’-0” in the North-South direction.   The classroom wing is furthest East, the cafeteria is furthest West and the annex is between them.  The building has some plan irregularities.  These include steps it the roof and some exterior walls that are at a 45° angle to major axes of the project.