Martino & Luth, Inc. was founded in 2004 in Denver, Colorado, by Russel A. Martino and Gregory P. Luth. While starting a company is not an easy venture, the need for a Denver based company that could focus on the essence of structural engineering and the art of creative problem solving was evident. This philosophy originated in the late 1970's with Gregory P. Luth, and by 1985 was prominent in Denver in the form of GPLA (Gregory P. Luth and Associates). In 1991, GPLA moved to California, and unfortunately took these ideas with it. Martino & Luth strive to bring the art of structural engineering back to Denver. Gregory P. Luth and Associates, Inc. and Martino & Luth, Inc. are members in a design collaborative called The Renaissance Design Group, which symbolizes the effect we intend on having on the structural engineering profession, especially in Rocky Mountain Region.

The Martino & Luth, Inc. office is located in Denver, Colorado. The company also has affiliated offices Gregory P. Luth and Associates (www.gplainc.com) in Santa Clara, California.

The firm's work is characterized by a dedication to the practice of engineering as a combination of art, craftsmanship, science, and service - old fashioned values that are complemented by a leadership role in the development and adaptation of advanced technologies to the design and construction of buildings. The technical staff hones its problem solving skills by personally drawing the details that are the key to the economy, reliability, and sensitivity of any project, focusing their attention on the essence of the engineering and construction. There are no drafters at Martino & Luth, Inc. - only renaissance engineers.

The firm's founders have amassed a large and eclectic body of work over the past 25 years including projects of virtually every type and material ranging from major bridges to small residential projects. Martino & Luth have produced working drawings for and/or contributed to major bridge seismic retrofit projects, renovations and seismic retrofits of vintage wood schools in California, over a million square feet of post-tensioned hotel construction in both high seismic and coastal hurricane regions; whimsical one-of-a-kind retail structures; blast-resistant industrial structures for the aerospace industry; vibration controlled draw towers for the fiber optics industry; custom heavy timber homes subjected to hurricane loads on the gulf cost, snow loads in the Colorado Rockies, and earthquake loads in the Bay area; heavy timber pedestrian bridges; long-span heavy timber truss structures subjected to seismic loads and hurricane winds; and special structures such as the world's tallest sign and the new monorail station at Disneyland.

The only pre-requisite for attracting the best efforts of our engineers is that there be a need for - and appreciation of - thoughtful, elegant, and creative engineering solutions. We relish a challenge. We work all over the U.S. with repeat clients with whom we have worked for the past 20 years and for whom our passion for creative engineering and collaborative problem solving have been the keys to success on numerous projects.